General Information

Admirals Select Lacrosse is a nonprofit organization that operates under a pay-to-play policy.  There are fees for participation in all Admirals Select Lacrosse activities, including league play and tournaments.  Every player must pay the associated fees at the time of registration for all events and will not be considered registered for the events until payment is received by the Treasurer of the Admirals Select organization.  Players who have not registered or paid in full will not be permitted to participate in the events until payment is received or agreed upon payment plan is in place.  At the time of registration for an event, payment may be made in full or through a simple payment plan.  Available payment plans vary depending on the amount of the fee and the time between registration and the start of the event.  Admirals Select Lacrosse reserves the right to determine for which events it is practical to offer a payment plan option.  The payment plans offered will ensure all registration fees are received prior to completion of the event.

The Admirals Select Lacrosse program follows a “no refund” policy.  All Admirals Select teams and schedules are planned and budgeted based on a particular number of players on each team and at each position on those teams.  Players are offered space on teams.  Once a player “accepts” a roster space on a team, that slot is considered filled (or “sold”) and is no longer available to be assigned or “sold” to another player.  The team is then considered closed and all other applicants are released.

Admirals Select Lacrosse is a nonprofit organization and our Board of Directors and some Admirals coaches are volunteers.  To fulfill our mission of offering a cost effective select lacrosse program, the Admirals Select organization may hold fundraising events from time to time.  Periodically, sponsorship fundraising activities may occur.   Players and their families are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities (recruiting sponsors) to show support for the Admirals Select Lacrosse program and to ensure the organization has the funding necessary to maintain affordable fees for our players.  Without strong participation from players and their families in our fundraising activities, the Admirals Select Lacrosse fees charged would significantly increase.


Participation and membership in US Lacrosse is necessary to participate in Admirals Select Lacrosse events. Many of the tournaments and events that Admirals Select Lacrosse will attend a membership number will be required to play.   US Lacrosse members receive US Lacrosse Magazine, lacrosse injury insurance, membership in a local chapter, an e-mail newsletter, discounted merchandise, free admission to the Lacrosse Museum and National Hall of Fame, eligibility to attend US Lacrosse events, knowledge of supporting the growth and development of the sport, access to programs and services and ability to utilize national partnerships. Please visit the link below for more information on membership.

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