Bart Rogers

Coach Bart

Why I Coach Lacrosse

I Coach Lacrosse to make a difference in the players lives and to ensure they are being taught correctly. Motivation, Structure, Discipline and conforming are not just important in lacrosse but the building blocks for a successful life. In the end what we are trying to do is teach them to succeed at life through this great sport.

I began playing Lacrosse in 1970. I was introduced to the sport by my roommate who was from Long Island. I competed until I was 50 years old. I played the attack position. I played men’s club lacrosse during the 80′ held many scoring records for our club team.

I was involved in the creation of the St Mary’s County Youth Lacrosse Club in the 1990’s and later making Lacrosse a sport in the high schools. I have been involved in coaching lacrosse in St Mary’s County for 26 years on the Youth level and the High School level. I have been coaching at Leonardtown High School from the start as an assistant coach and Head Coach. Leonardtown High School has won many conference championships and regional championships and to date has never had a losing season.

I have had the honor of coaching many young men from all our area high schools as a result of my involvement as a coach for the Admirals. I coach for the Admiral’s to ensure young players are taught the game the right way and to aid in their development as lacrosse players. The players are my second family and I feel fortunate to be a part of their lives.